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01 OER

With over 36 years knowledge in the fireplace industry you can rest assured that any OER product, be it a fireplace, fire or stove has been made with pride, ensuring the best quality, exclusivity and reliability.

All OER fireplaces are designed and manufactured in-house in the UK by their team of skilled craftspeople and can built to size, material choice and colour of most different designs and can be adapted for use to be suitable for solid fuel use. All OER solid wood surrounds can be manufactured in Oak, Pine, Mahogany, Maple, White or Cream and all interiors and chambers for solid fuel stoves can be also be made to measure.

02 Termatech

When Termatech design a stove the starting point is that the aesthetics, quality and efficiency must work beautifully together. Using cutting edge Danish design and craftsmanship traditions, their aim is to produce elegant stoves that not only look good but are kind to the environment and cost effective with many models being DEFRA approved for smokeless zones.

The environment is important to us all of us. Therefore, TermaTech strive to create environmentally-friendly products so that we are looking after the environment and, not least, each other. All Termatech wood-burning stoves are checked, tested and approved by recognised test institutions before they reach the end-user – just to make sure that they meet the most stringent environmental requirements.


The stoves from HWAM stoves are developed by leading Scandinavian designers,  complemented by their expertise and patented technologies to form a perfect harmony between pure design and uncomplicated functionality.

Brilliant solutions often arise from the simplest of ideas and HWAMs patented automatic system (Autopilot) is no exception to this rule. It consists of a small bi-metalic coil which automatically regulates the supply of air to the combustion. A strikingly simple, yet ingeniously brilliant function which offers numerous automagic benefits – both for you and for the environment.

The simple and convenient HWAM automatic system means you do not have to worry about manually regulating the air supply. The automatic system optimizes the combustion for you, completely…well, automatically! All you need to do is to light up the stove and enjoy the flames and the heat to the full. When you add more firewood, the system will automatically readjust the stove to achieve the optimum combustion.

04 Wiking

Wiking wood-burning stoves are designed using state-of-the-art techniques combined with Danish expertise to ensure uniform quality and user-friendliness that are second to none

In a Wiking log burner, the regulation of air during lighting and re-stocking is managed automatically through the Wiking Automatic device, which consists of a heat-sensitive bimetallic coil, this expands or contracts depending on the temperature in the wood-burning stove.

Wiking stoves have a unique closing system. just pull the handle lightly to open the door, when the door is pushed shut, the locking hooks engage and pull the door shut. When the door is closed the handle fits flush with  the solid cast iron door and maintains the stove’s clean lines.

05 Nestor Martin

The pinnacle of wood burning technology these log burners offer a new level of performance. Crafted by the European leader in home heating technology, the Nestor Martin (formerly Efel) range of wood burning stoves is the result of uncompromising engineering and over 150 years of experience.

Their ancestral tradition as cast iron founders has always been coupled with a spirit of technological innovation, and every Nestor Martin appliance carries with it a technical expertise and an integrity which is unrivalled.

06 Franco Belge

With over 80 years experience in designing and manufacturing wood burning and solid-fuel cast iron stoves, Franco Belge are renowned for their intricate cast iron work and rugged reliability.

These stoves feature powerful airwash systems to provide cleaner burning and to help keep the glass doors free of unsightly deposits and a host of useful features that vary depending on the model selected.

All Franco Belge stoves are constructed from top grade cast iron for a lifetime of dependable service and are fully recyclable.

07 LogFire Stoves & Flues Ltd

LogFire Stoves & Flues Ltd, are a World Class manufacturer of Wood, Gas & Multifuel Stoves, Flexible Chimney Liners, Twin Wall Insulated Flue Pipe and associated products.

Their innovative range of products are manufactured to offer efficient functionality whilst offering the customer an iconic, sophisticated yet stylish design.

LogFire stoves are available in 4 different sizes and Kw output, with single, double sided and inset versions on offer. Furthermore, with over 33 colours to choose from, this contemporary range will bring warmth and style to any room settings!

08 Worcester Bosch

Worcester Bosch are proud to launch their new range of Greenstyle stoves including the Bewdley and Handley models.

Beautifully crafted in both traditional and contemporary styles, they make a perfect aesthetic fit with any room. Worcester stoves come in a range of sizes so that you can enjoy the pleasure of a

real fire almost anywhere, and with their air-wash technology, you benefit from glass that stays clean, giving you a crystal clear view of the flames.


Designed with clean-burn technology for higher heat output and minimal emissions, the stoves are between 74% and 86% efficient – amongst the highest efficiency levels possible for a wood

burning stove. This means that at least 74% of all of the heat generated is transferred into your home. Given their low emissions, all of our stoves are DEFRA-exempt, making them approved for use wherever you live – including smoke control areas.


Worcester stoves are constructed from robust, high-grade materials and fitted with industry-leading 5mm thick impact-resistant glass as standard. To ensure a beautiful finish that lasts year after year they are painted twice with a high quality heat-resistant paint to increase resistance to abrasion. The stoves also undergo rigorous independent testing in the UK to make certain of optimum performance and reliability, which includes putting test models through their paces thousands of times. They also carry a CE mark for further assurance of safety and efficiency.


Simple to use air control levers at the front of Worcester stoves make adjustments easy, enabling you to switch from a roaring fire to a gently dancing flame. And for safety, a retaining bar prevents wood from falling out when you open the door.

09 Jydepejsen

Jydepejsen is a Danish family business, founded by Finn Nielsen in 1979 and focuses on quality, design and development of air control systems.

Today, Jydepejsen is still family-owned, and Finn’s son is in charge of the daily operation of the business, based in Holstebro. The craft has been passed on to the next generation. Ambitions are still the same – to manufacture the most durable and beautiful high-quality wood-burning stoves on the market.

At Jydepejsen, we work with fire as a vivid element. We are constantly trying to use the characteristics of fire optimally. Thus, our development department is continually researching in terms of combustion technique, air control systems and suitable material.Our wood-burning stoves are made of resilient materials and high-quality durable components. It is important to us that they are easy to operate, have a carefully planned design and that they emit as few particles into the environment as possible.

With Jydepejsen’s unique air control system DuplicAir® you can control the flaming and heat emission of your wood-burning stove in a simple and accurate manner. You can control both the lighting air (primary air) and combustion air (secondary air) with a simple operating handle.

10 Portway Stoves

At Portway Stoves we know how important it is to create a stylish and relaxing living environment. That’s why we’ve developed this collection of multifuel and gas stoves to complement all tastes and lifestyles.

We believe our success stems from a combination of innovative design, investment in technology and the highest quality manufacturing standards. As a result we have total confidence and belief in the quality and durability of the product range, and to ensure you recieve the very best advice and after sales service, our experienced Portway retailers are fully trained to assist you with your purchase.

Portway Stoves are amongst the most efficient multifuel stoves on the market, boasting efficiencies of 75%+.

Our stoves can easily burn for ten hours or more on a single filling of natural anthracite or other suitable fuel. This means you need to burn less fuel to get more heat compared to similar products on the market.

Portway solid fuel stoves have been approved using the most sophisticated research and test systems in the industry and our design success can be merited to 150 years of experience and a dedicated team of research engineers who are amongst the brightest in the industry.

Each stove is made from 96% easily recyclable material and all cast parts, such as doors and grates, are manufactured from 70% recycled iron.

11 Celsi Electric Fires

There is no more versatile fuel for home heating than electricity.

With a choice ranging from highly chic wall mounted ‘hang-on-the-wall’ fires, to classically designed hearth mounted fire, there is a Celsi design to suit any home. Best of all you are free to enjoy any of these fantastic heating appliances in any room in your home simply by plugging into the nearest mains socket.

A celsi electric fire will be the heart of your home all year round. Every fire in the range has a ‘flame picture’ only setting. Unlike gas or solid fuel fires, this allows you to enjoy the atmospheric glow even when it is too warm to turn on the heat.

Celsi Electric Fires use the most up to date technology to give you the most convincing real fire effect available. Celsi – not just a fireplace. It’s an experience.

12 Kohlangaz Gas Fires

Every Kohlangaz gas fire is developed and manufactured in Britain at their state-of-the-art facility in Stoke-on-Trent and carry the peace of mind of a 5 year guarantee and the reassurance of a flame supervision device. Kohlangaz know how important it is to create a stylish and relaxing living environment, that’s why we’ve developed a collection of versatile and affordable gas fires to complement all tastes and lifestyles.

13 Pacific Energy Woodstoves

For wood-burning comfort with state-of-the-art efficiency, choose Pacific Energy. Pacific Energy woodstoves are designed and built in Canada so you can be assured they are of the highest quality but are also clean-burning, economical, easy to use, and warrantied for fifteen years. Pacific Energy offer a broad selection of wood stoves and inserts, each with a myriad of design options from classic to cutting-edge modern.

14 Worcestershire Marble

Worcestershire Marble Limited has been producing bespoke marble fireplaces in the Worcestershire countryside for nearly a quarter of a century.  Over this period, manufacturing methods have changed, but the company ethos remains the same: promoting high quality stone and marble products made in the U.K by British craftsmen manufacturing fireplaces for every budget, type of property and style of room.

Should you require  a specific design, but in a different colour or size, that is no problem: Worcestershire Marble pride themselves on the ability to produce the majority of their fireplaces in any size and any colour. Inspired By Fires are proud to be one of Worcestershire Marbles carefully selected a specialist retailers.